Entering the world of BLUR

The world that we live in is blurred because the rules, the competition, everything, moves so quickly. What now matters is not a static photograph of the world (e.g., let’s take an accounting balance as an example of photograph, a photograph of the company in a specific semester), but what can we capture the movement of the things cannot be captured in a snapshot.

To enter the world of BLUR you have to move at its pace, and to move at its pace you have to understand how to moves. The three pillars in the BLUR world are:

  1. Speed
  2. Connectivity
  3. Intangibles

To understand, not clarify, that is the new objective. There is too much information, and the value of looking at the right piece of data and to understand its role is essential.

Individuals want access and answers all the time, the want to operate in real time, they want to interact online, from anywhere, they want to use platforms that learn, that anticipate, that filter, that personalize, that improve.

And if clients want all this at the time of purchase, why won’t employees want this at the time of interaction?

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